Langkawi Point

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Dive Trips

Langkawi does not have many diving sites comparing to other parts of Malaysia. However you can organize your own dive trip with one of the many dive operators in Langkawi. Some dive shops are also available at the larger and famous resorts, though the best site for snoekelling and diving can be found in Pulau Payar Marine Park or many other preserved marine park areas on the Island.

The setup and the arrangements are simple and easy for amateur divers too.

Scuba diving is also offered by the tour operators who approach to you as soon as you book your trip to Pulau Payar. If you are interested then they provide you with an experienced guide who takes you on this exhilarating journey deep under the waters.

The most popular diving site Coral Garden starts several meters away at the south-west of Pulau Payar, covered with bright and multicolored soft corals and said to have the greatest number of coral kinds in Malaysia. You will be guided by experienced divers who will take you to the deep waters and there you can see exotic fish like damsels, lionfish, roc cod, snappers, sea perch and big groupers. It is also interesting to see numerous shellfish, seashells and slugs that are scattered all over the bed of the ocean.

At Coral Garden you can also have an un forgettable experience of Baby Shark Feeding and have a close encounter with up to 25 black tip baby sharks snapping at each other for food.

You are here: Home - Major Attractions - Things To Do - Dive Trips