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Underwater World Langkawi

Underwater World Langkawi lies on about 6.2 acres of land and is one of the largest marine aquaria in South East Asia. It is a Must Visit place situated at the southern end beachfront of Pantai Cenang and was built to bring up the knowledge of preserving the treasured aquatic life.

It contains more than 5000 marine species in exceptionally designed tanks. It is built as a part of a complex with a duty free shop, a rice museum, a mini golf-course and a restaurant. On the entrance door you would see the enormous Amazonian arapaima - world's largest freshwater fish in a medium-sized tank. There are some ponds with others and giant koi fish living there.

The Underwater world ecosystem is divided into different sections which are Rainforest Section, Temperature Section and the Sub-Antarctic Section with a 3D cinema of 200 seating capacity. Other interesting sections include the Freshwater Fish Section, the Koi Pond, the Seashell Display, the Reptilian Section, the Poisonous and Venomous Creatures Section and the Coral Reef Section.

Tropical Rainforest Section
At the Tropical Rainforest a different site emerges with caves, trees and waterfalls. For snake lovers, one of the main delights here is an eight-meter long Anaconda from the Amazon.

There are abundant of gentle pink Flamingos walking elegantly and living with beautiful Swans and Mandarin Ducks. Multicolored Parrots and tiny long-tailed Marmoset (world's smallest monkey) from eastern Brazil are also a part of this section. In the middle, you would see a colossal Fish tank showing different tropical and fresh water fish called the Freshwater Section.

The other unusual animals to be found here are giant Rowena, Capybara- world's largest rodent and the Piranhas.

Sub-Antarctic Ecosystem Section
The Sub-Antarctic Section displays a remarkable “penguin-arium” with a view of swimming penguins freely in an underwater tunnel. This aquarium has been listed in the ‘Malaysian Book of Records’ for being the '1st breeding of Rock hoppers Penguins in Captivity'.
The Rock hopper Penguins are kept with special care in a distinctive tank with rocks and waters. The two species of penguins here are kept under controlled temperature. The rock hoppers are placed where the temperature in around 8 degree C and the black footed penguins are held in a tank where temperature does not exceed 20 degree C. There is an interesting Penguin feeding show is held here on daily basis which is worth watching.

Make sure that you stop by at the 3D Theatre here to watch a short movie, based on a life of a little fish, named Michael and his journey before he becomes a fossil.

Temperate Section
Neighboring the Sub-Antarctic section is the Temperature Section where you can observe Southern fur seals, watch them play joyfully, living and swimming gracefully in a huge tank.

On moving further the path will lead you to the only cafe in this Underwater World, known as the Eden Cafe. Here you can rest for some time and have some drinks and then proceed to see the Marine Life Section.

Marine Life Section
The Marine Life Section exhibits hundreds of marine fish housed in individual tanks, Jelly Fish, Sea Horse, Sea Dragon, Eagle Rays and some other lives in the specially designed tank The Hexagonal Tank and the other special tank is the huge 45 foot (15-meter) long walk-through tunnel housing a large numbers of fish and sea creatures. Some of them include stingrays, huge turtles, moray eels, and a variety of sharks including Black Tip, White Tip and Zebra sharks. Picture yourself being only inches away from these species, surrounded by them, over your head and all around you; beautiful, isn’t it?

Corals, Fossils and Shells Section
Walking downstairs you would find the Corals, Fossils and Shells Sections where there is a wide range of collection displayed from all over the globe.

Colorful corals of different sorts with several hues of red, green, pink and yellow are exhibited with small inhabitants of the coral reefs such as the clown fish, also known as the Nemo.

In the seashell Section you would see the beautiful seashells of different shapes, sizes and colors. These seashells are kept in the glass cases and are maintained in a good condition.

There is a store located inside the Aquaria right before the exit point. This store is named as YGA Trading which sells traditional medicines, local dried food items and other seafood delicacies.

On the exit you would find a souvenirs shop selling unique collection of accessories including apparels, home decorations and some local food stuff such as fish crackers and dodol.

There is also the famous Duty Free Zon Shopping Complex next to the Underwater World where a large range of tobacco and liquors are available.

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