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The Snake Sanctuary

The Snake Sanctuary is exclusive and unique parkland, built to provide education and knowledge on the different species of snakes, their behavior and characteristics. It is about 12km from town, located in front of the Tok Senik Resort, in the island’s Ulu Melaka district.

This establishment is a huge habitat of thousands of venomous and non-venomous snakes, a variety of both local and international, where you will be able to see and understand more about different types of snakes that are found in Malaysia and around the world. Creatures like the royal King Cobra, teachable Boa Constrictor, spitting cobras, pythons, iguanas, chameleon lizards, whip snakes and many more are found residing in six expansive terrariums with amiable surroundings. These enclosures are located along clearly defined tracks for close public showing of the snakes.

The major portion of the site is occupied by an International Centre with an auditorium for multimedia exhibitions and presentations are shown on reptilian life. There is an Amphitheatre within the complex with 100 seating capacity. Here, daily shows are held in which toxic snakes show off their skills and the experts show their abilities in handling them. The live performances of python, King Cobras and copperhead vipers are arranged on regular basis. There is also an area with public touch and feel sessions of non-venomous reptiles are held under the guidance of caretakers.

The Snake Sanctuary is a fascinating place to visit which also comprises an exhibition hall where general anatomy of snakes, their skeletons, skin and habitat are displayed. Another exciting section designed to observe the well-being and health of the snakes is the Recuperative Area. It is also used to carry out research on them and for the extraction of venom.

You are here: Home - Major Attractions - Places to Visit - The Snake Sanctuary