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MARDI Langkawi Agro Technology Park

The Langkawi Agro Technology Park was planned to create a tourism spot with ecological interest. It was established in 1990 and has over 20 different types of tropical fruit trees both seasonal and non-seasonal. It is situated at Jalan Gaong, neighboring Lubuk Semilang- a recreational Park. It is located at the bottom of Gunung Raya with an extensive view of the forested Gunung Raya catchment area - the biggest water reservoir area in Langkawi.

The Agro Technology Park is only 12km away from Kuah Town and about 9km from the Langkawi International Airport. It houses an area of 25ha with natural tropical forest baring tropical fruits and a vegetable farm with high technology systems, thus a perfect tropical paradise.

The Tropical Farm Visit
The major attraction of the park is the visit to the Tropical Farm. The Park has a technology information center which serves as a center for technology transfer and information distribution related to agro-industry. There are different packages offered to visitors where you are taken to a guided tour around the orchard and vegetables farm, on a motor-driven buggy. You can also taste slices of different and fresh fruits you have never tasted before such as star fruit, durian, citrus, jack fruit, longan, rambutan and many more. While enjoying the refreshing fruits you can also get off from your vehicle at any of the orchards to look and study the fruit baring trees and get a chance to observe the daily farming activities.

Fruits Buffet

There is also a Malaysian tropical fruits buffet served at the fruit corner where you can also buy the fruits of your choice.

The Recreational Centre
Another amusement of this Agro Technology Park is the recreational center of protected natural forest. Besides fruit trees, the park has a shielded hi-tech vegetable farms preserved with naturally controlled environment for visitors to experience the refreshing tropical climate of the jungle and acquire knowledge about the fascinating flora and fauna in the woods.

There is camp sites provided for those who wish to stay there overnight and trails are set up for trekking through the forest. These camp sites are available for rental with basic facilities provided. Other visitors just enjoy fishing by the ponds located at the edge of the forest or have a barbeque with friends and family.

The Educational Package
Agro technology Park Concept holds an educational package for the enthusiasts to acquire the understanding of adopting the high technology farming system and knowledge about tropical fruits. They have a Lecture room with the capacity of 80 participants at a time. The package ends for two hours which includes giving you the interesting highlights of the insect management and fertilizers they use.

You are here: Home - Major Attractions - Places to Visit - MARDI Langkawi Agro Technology Park