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Gunung Raya Mountain

The Gunung Raya-890meter tall is the highest natural feature in Langkawi, towering over all other formations on this island. This magnificent elevation is a part of Gunung Raya Forest Reserve, wrapped up in fiction and legends.

It is said to be associated to an old myth about a battle between two colossus named Matchinchang and Mat Raya.The natives believe that Gunung Raya Mountain is a jinxed formation of a giant, known as Mat Raya, who once used to live on this island.

Mat Raya was caught up in a tussle with another giant named Mat Cincang at the wedding of their children. In this fight pots and pans were thrown and they spilled a gigantic pot of curry at the point where Kuah now stands. The dispute went on for days when a neighbor named Mat Sawar, decided to step in for putting an end to it. It finally ended as all of the three giants turned themselves into huge mountains after feeling ashamed of their mistake. These mountains hence are named after these giants including Gunung Raya, Bukit Sawar and GunungCincang. Mat Sarwar agreed to be turned into a mountain so that he could watch over the other giants.

It is a densely forested peak presenting a remarkable view of the island. The thick jungle holds a range of exotic birds for birdwatchers such as the white-bellied sea eagles encircling the top of the mountain, dusky leaf monkeys and hornbill. From LubukSembilang waterfalls you can trek along for 5 kilometers to the peak while exploring the jungles.

Gunung Raya is also reachable by road, takes about 40 minutes of a ride from the bottom to the peak. There is a renowned Gunung Raya Golf Club situated at the foothills and a telecommunication station leading to the top. The view from the peak of the mountain is an ideal sight for taking pictures especially of the sunset. There is also an art gallery, a small museum and a teahouse located at the peak.

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