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Pulau Tuba

Pulau Tuba, a hilly island and the only inhabited one, besides the main Langkawi Island. It is a strikingly beautiful Island located 5 kilometers from Kuah and a 20 minutes boat ride. All the residents living in this Island are mostly Muslims so it is also known as the Islamic Island.

It is a traditional fishing village and the villagers prefer the old ways of drawing water from the wells although it provides all the other facilities like power, fresh water supply, telephones and they also provide a number of homestay program unionized by Malaysia’s Fisheries Development Authority. Here the entire household heads work as fishermen and do farming.

The Tuba Island is the only Island that provides accommodation for tourists but with very limited options and a few places to stay. It has a couple of resorts including The Sunrise Beach Resort with its own swimming pool and Tok Janggut’s Chalet. The homestay program also permit the guests to stay in one of the thirty household registered with the Authority.

The Island is not fully developed thus contain a natural home ground to wildlife and has an ample growth of herbs and shrubs. A rare species of flora knows as Tuba plant is common here and its roots are used to catch fish. You will also see Hornbills flying all around and some other domestic and wild animals at various sites in Pulau Tuba. The fisher folks occasionally go to the forest to collect herbs, medicinal roots, wild fruits, wax and honey and sell them to complement the family income. The women are also very skillful and keep occupied in weaving pandan, coconut leaf mats and other handicrafts for basic usage and to support the family income.

One of the attractions here is Gua Kelawar- the Bat Cave; it got its name from a bat species reside in this cave. It is approximately 60 meters long with hundreds of bats hanging on to the ceiling. The cave has a remarkable formation of limestone and ancient oyster shells glued to the walls. On your way to jungle trekking, you should watch out for monitor lizards and joyous otters.

Another beautiful sight at Pulau Tuba is the colonies of fireflies at night, twinkling and flickering lights into the darkness. During a moonless light you can experience squid scooping or oyster picking which is only done in Pulau Tuba. Get a boat and watch the fishermen as he puts a lamp at the front of his boat in order to attract the squids and scoop them up. There are different options of fishing for you to choose from; either you can choose fishing in open waters at hidden fishing sites like “Unjam-unjam”, only be reached by hiring a boat. The other options are fishing at the platform which is available at two spots ‘Kelong’ and fish cages or at the Jetty/beach where you will be taken to a secret fish based ports and jetties.

Pulau Tuba is a peaceful and soothing Island to visit. The dearest choice for a picnic spot here is Batu Reban. It is a sandy beach situated at the banks of Pulau Dayang Bunting Strait. Mollacses and Bronok – Sea cucumber species can be easily found here in the shallow waters during low tides. These marine species are used in cooking mixed with other ingredients to form a unique and exotic dish known as Kerabu. You can also see hermit crabs under trees, in bushes or at seabed - an ideal place for fishing and camping.

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