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Pulau Tiloli

A small and undeveloped Island recently acknowledged as the Island of Flowers or Pulau Bunga. It has been transformed into a paradise of tropical flowers based on a project, developed by MADRI - The Malaysian Agricultural Research & Development Institute.

The beautiful flowers displayed here are surely a delight to all the visitors from all across the world. This floral ‘Gardens of Eden’ is filled with perfumed air and the distinct aroma of flowers is pleasant to senses, whereas their vibrant colors create a fascinating sight. All the gardens are shaded with elevated green trees adding up to its beauty and glory.

It is located to the southeast of Pulau Langkawi, within a cluster of small islands. It is a 15 minutes boat trip from Pantai Marble. It is possible to camp here as it has a pier on the Island.

You are here: Home - Islands - Pulau Tiloli