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The Kilim Geoforest Park

The Geoforest Parks are the most popular tourist zone in Langkawi and made up of 99 tropical Islands. The three of the preserved Geo forest parks are:

Machinchang Geoforest Park a 450 to 550 million years old geological formation and the historical evidence to prove that it is the place where Malaysia and South East Asia took birth.

It is the oldest sandstone of the region with magnificent landscapes and natural wonders such as; rocky beaches of Teluk Datai and Pantai Kok, waterfalls of Telaga Tujuh, mountain peaks and outstanding remnant islands in Anak Burau and Anak Datai.

Some of the notable geosites in the park are Teluk Datai which deposits the oldest grain of sand, Pantai Tengkorak displaying fine sedimentary designs and structures looks like a hideout for pirates sheltered by the lush green forest reserve. Tanjung Buta and Pulau Jemuruk contain the cemetery of the oldest kind in the region.

The Machinchang peak and ridges can be considered as the most stunning landscape in langkawi and is said to be associated to an old myth about a battle between two colossus named Matchinchang and Matraya.

Tourists can either choose to walk on foot or can take the cable car which brings you up to 708 m above sea level and covers a distance of about 2.2 km. With this exciting experience of cable car you can have a bird’s eye view of the dense forests, Telaga Tujuh waterfalls, a glance at wild life and the high-flying birds.

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