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The Black Sand Beach

Pantai Pasir Hitam also called The Black Sand Beach is located 2km to the west of Pantai Tanjung Rhu Beach, placed in the center of Langkawi's north coast and about 19 kilometer from Kuah.

As the name suggests this peaceful small stretch of the beach is stained with black sand- the result of the mineral contents in the sand such as iron oxide. It is not overall covered with black sand but in shades of white and black sand. During the wet season it is blackeras the mineral deposits persistently wash up on the shore.

It is not a very desirable swimming beach but more of a tourist attraction and its uniqueness makes it an exciting place to visit.

There are many tales and legends attached to this beach as it is with other places in Langkawi. Some believe that the reason of the sand being black is the result of a curse laid by some mermaid who was angry at some fisherman for stealing her ring. Some says that it is due to the burnt soil from the rice fields when the Siamese War was on.

Other believes this place has become the graves of the gullible sailors which turned the sand into black color. The nearby beaches are also named on the traces of skulls (The Skull beach- Pasir Tengkorak), Broken bones (Cape of Bones-Tanjung Tulang) and Pantai Pasir Hitam(The Black Sand Beach).The reason is still a mystery but geologically, the sand is rich in minerals cassiterite and stannous oxide, which has made the sand black in color.

It is a quiet place and there is an old jetty along the beach. Some food stalls and souvenir shops are also present selling local handicrafts. There is also a Craft Cultural Complex (Kompleks Budaya Kraf) nearby to visit.

For accommodation facilities there are a few resorts such as Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa, Bella Vista Resort & Spa Langkawi and Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort. All the hotels offer facilities like near food Restaurant, Parking Facilities and outdoor Swimming Pools.

You are here: Home - Beaches - Black Sand Beach - The Black Sand Beach